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The Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of the many people Kevin touched in his short life. Kevin, an 18-year-old deanís list freshman in the honors program at Boston College, passed away from cardiac arrest on January 23, 1997 while playing intramural basketball. Kevin set the example of the passion and sincerity we should bring to each day. He was an individual with vision, commitment, abiding hope, aspirations, and compassion. And when we look back, it was a life, albeit a glimpse of life, by which people can be measured and judged by.


The mission of the Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund is to preserve Kevinís spirit by paying tribute to achievements in academics, athletics, arts, and the virtues of service and faith that were the essence of Kevinís life.

Fund Facts

With the nine scholarships, valued at $124,000, awarded to the class of 2017, Kevinís Fund will have provided nearly $1.9 Million in financial support over 140 exemplary young men and women matriculating at over 50 diverse colleges and universities in Kevinís memory. The dramatic growth in scholarship awards is directly related to the financial success of our annual benefit dinner dance, which began in 2000 and funded scholarships for the class of 2001. As a result of this generosity, Kevin's Fund has awarded the following scholarships.

To the class of 1997   $3,750
To the class of 1998   $5,000
To the class of 1999   $12,000
To the class of 2000   $13,000
To the class of 2001   $47,000
To the class of 2002   $55,000
To the class of 2003   $70,000
To the class of 2004   $85,000
To the class of 2005   $100,000
To the class of 2006   $111,000
To the class of 2007   $127,000
To the class of 2008   $139,000
To the class of 2009   $140,000
To the class of 2010   $118,000
To the class of 2011   $117,000
To the class of 2012   $115,000
To the class of 2013   $121,000
To the class of 2014   $122,000
To the class of 2015   $124,000
To the class of 2016   $122,250
To the class of 2017   $124,000

For the 2017 Ė 2018 academic year, Kevinís Fund is providing financial support to 13 students matriculating at Boston College (2), Furman, Georgetown, Holy Cross, Merrimack College, Penn State, Sacred Heart (2), UCLA, University of Connecticut (2),and the University of Rhode Island.

Latest News

2018 Preliminary Applications Online

The application for the 2018 Norwalk High School scholarship is now available to members of the Kevin M. Eidt chapter of the National Honor Society. Submission is due October 23rd.

2017 Annual Report Letter

Read The Fund's annual update letter reviewing a remarkable year of success and support.

Boston College CSOM Honors Program

Congratulations to Hannah Say, BC '18, the 2017 recipient of the $18,000 CSOM Honors Program Scholarship. She was recognized at the year end Honors Program Banquet at Boston College on April 27, 2017.

Kevin Eidt Emerging Leaders Award

Congratulations to Joan Kennedy BC '20, who was named the recipient of Kevin Eidt Memorial Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Scholarship at Boston College on April 11, 2017. ELP is one of the great programs for BC freshman and the Fund is honored to be associated with it's highest participant award.

2017 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Congratulations to Grace Bradley, the 2017 recipient of $100,000 Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship for the most outstanding senior at Norwalk High School. She was recognized at the annual Dinner Dance benefit held in Norwalk on Saturday April 8, 2017. Ava will be attending Furman University in the fall.

Grace Bradley

Scholarship Fund Accomplishments as of June 30, 2017
Funding as % of Contributions99.4%