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ďI imagine that Kevin believed that any experience was a good experience, as he embraced all that he did with enthusiasm and steadfast dedication. He understood the value of involvement in a wide range of activities at a young age, how to truly enrich life through both breadth and depth by experiencing as much as he could. Though his time here was cut too short, Kevin had already pursued countless experiences. The positive outlook with which he approached life was surely evident to those who knew him personally, as it is even apparent to those of us who have only had the pleasure of hearing or reading about his accomplishments.

When I was selected to join the ranks of Kevinís scholarship recipients, the conduits through which his legacy lives on, I was truly humbled (and even a bit scared) by the weighty honor. How can I pay homage to Kevin? I asked myself. How could I honor the life of this young man, who had already accomplished so much and made a lasting impact on so many?

I decided that this important answer lay in what I took to be Kevinís mantra. To live in the moment. To never take an experience for granted. To take what you are givenÖ and make it grand.

It was with this philosophy in my corner that I approached college life at Columbia. Emboldened by Kevinís viewpoint, I challenged myself to lunge past my comfort levels and charter the realm of the unknown. Deciding business was for me, I not only took up economics but Mandarin Chinese as well, expecting that I would soon fluently engage with the businessmen of one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial centers in the world. But my linguistic abilities, or lack thereof, did soon cut these lofty dreams short, forcing me to switch to something a bit more tangible: historyÖin English. Though I was disappointed by my inability to master those Chinese character quizzes, Kevin reminded me of just how fortunate I was to be exposed to those types of troubles in the first place. After all, struggling to find a major is a much better dilemma to have than never getting the chance to choose one at all. And Kevinís own range of experiences reminded me that breadth of experience builds character, and that one can ultimately make the biggest difference by making every little moment count.

Though itís now been five whole years since I became a part of Kevinís legacy, I find I can still boil those years down to the tangible, special moments:

Turning away from economics only to discover and cultivate a newfound passion for Psychology and Japanese History. The serenity of campus on the way to an early morning rowing practice; the bustle and fervor that infected that same campus on Homecoming. Listening with awe to those wise, intellectual (Ötwenty-year old) student speakers during freshman orientation; speaking myself, years later, to the mirror of my freshman self as I looked out into a sea of fresh, eager, and timid faces. Developing a crush on a charming Texan boy as a freshman; experiencing that crush transform from my study-buddy to my best friend, my soon-to-be husband, my rock. Walking up to receive my college pin at freshman convocation; walking back upon receiving my diploma at commencement, proudly graduating with honors that epitomized four years of diligent, hard work.

Reflecting on the individual moments in aggregate shows me just how much Iíve grown over the years. More importantly, it reminds me that Kevin was my constant. He resided in my heart through the most challenging times to remind me of just how fortunate I am. By living my life with Kevinís legacy at the forefront, I learned to cherish every person, every memory, every moment. I am who I am today because of Kevin and your generosity and support of Kevinís Fund. Your contributions enabled me to attend the college of my dreams and to subsequently grow as I did. For this and more, I am forever grateful and indebted to you all. Your faith and support enables Kevinís legacy and spirit to live on through his scholarship recipients, touching the lives of many in profound ways. Thank you, and may God bless you.Ē

Latest News

2018 Dinner Dance

The 19th Annual Kevin M Eidt Memorial Dinner Dance and Scholarship Presentation will be held Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the Shore and Country Club in Norwalk, CT. Tickets for the event and sponsorship opportunities are now available on our Event Page.

Alyxie Harrick Joins Selection Committee

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Alyxie Harrick, 2008 recipient of Kevin's Norwalk High scholarship, has joined the Scholarship Selection Committee beginning with the 2018 award. Alyxie is a 2012 graduate of Georgetown University, and currently a Senior Consultant, Corporate Strategy with Deloitte in New York City.

2017 Scholarships Awards

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Kevin's Fund will be offering $129,000 in scholarships for 2018, bringing the total value of scholarships awarded to $2M since the Fund's inception in 1997. Please read our Thanksgiving update letter for more details.

2017 Annual Report Letter

Read The Fund's annual update letter reviewing a remarkable year of success and support.

Boston College CSOM Honors Program

Congratulations to Hannah Say, BC '18, the 2017 recipient of the $18,000 CSOM Honors Program Scholarship. She was recognized at the year end Honors Program Banquet at Boston College on April 27, 2017.

Kevin Eidt Emerging Leaders Award

Congratulations to Joan Kennedy BC '20, who was named the recipient of Kevin Eidt Memorial Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Scholarship at Boston College on April 11, 2017. ELP is one of the great programs for BC freshman and the Fund is honored to be associated with it's highest participant award.

2017 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Congratulations to Grace Bradley, the 2017 recipient of $100,000 Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship for the most outstanding senior at Norwalk High School. She was recognized at the annual Dinner Dance benefit held in Norwalk on Saturday April 8, 2017. Ava will be attending Furman University in the fall.

Grace Bradley

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