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I’d like to begin this evening by sharing a little of my background so you can better understand my gratitude, dedication, and drive. I am one of five children in a single-parent household. My father passed away when I was in elementary school, and in high school, my mom welcomed my two cousins to move-in with us when their parents passed. College for me meant student loans and full-time jobs.

The Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship changed that. When I first applied five years ago, I made a promise in my application “to pursue my goals based on the morals and values in which I believe Kevin and I share so that I may add meaning to someone’s life, even if just one person.” Tonight, I would like to reflect upon the responsibility with which this scholarship charged me and to express how my loyalty to Kevin’s Fund became the engine that empowered me. Kevin fueled my strength and embedded in me a tenacity that enabled me to rise above the ordinary and to achieve extraordinary milestones.

Upon entering Georgetown, I had been struggling with a serious knee injury that would take my entire college career to heal. I set a goal to jog along the monuments on the National Mall by my senior year; however, my single year of physical therapy soon morphed into three, until running seemed a far-fetched dream. Though formal athletics were stifled by my slow recovery, I quickly learned that nothing happens without purpose. I channeled my athletic spirit as a teaching assistant for Yoga Activist, a DC-based organization serving at-risk communities. The time I would have otherwise spent on an athletic team was instead spent as a dedicated DC Central Kitchen Street Outreach volunteer, an Alternative Spring Break community service participant, and a liaison for Georgetown-China political and religious relations.

I made a pledge to pursue goals based on the morals and values that I believed Kevin and I would have shared. Perhaps it is just coincidence that Kevin’s Boston College and my Georgetown University are both committed to the Jesuit philosophy of educating the whole person, infusing students with the ideals of “contemplation in action, care of the whole person, faith and justice, interreligious understanding, and community in diversity.” Perhaps it is not coincidence at all. At a time in our lives as college students when we seemingly wander without direction, Kevin’s example continued to fuel my engine and to guide me through my most formative years of development. This scholarship community believed in me and trusted me to carry on Kevin’s work here on earth. My dreams and accomplishments were possible because I was granted this scholarship, which enabled me to go to Georgetown and in turn led to the numerous opportunities for growth and advancement.

When I found myself feeling as if other students had more “worldly” experience or an intimidating list of accomplishments, Kevin’s Fund reminded me that I, too, had accomplishments of which I was proud. Achieving such an honor as the Eidt Scholarship gave me the confidence to take risks: I swing-jumped off a bridge while completing my Spanish proficiency in Ecuador; I lived with a host family in China, which even after years of studying Mandarin was still a scary experience and a stark culture-shock; I pursued my passion for photography even when I didn’t think my photos were the best; I stood in front of crowds at Model UN conferences, interviewed over 80 alumni as a university student ambassador, and chaired a student-run Catering business. I am not ashamed to admit I shed a lot of tears and suffered from waves of frustration when things didn’t go quite as planned, but it is through these frustrations that we learn life’s most valuable lessons. We push through hard times and succeed when we have support, and I had a supportive community in Kevin’s Fund.

The values I have learned and the accomplishments I have achieved are long-lasting because of their roots in Kevin’s Fund. I hope that I have touched the hearts and minds of the people I have met just as they touched mine. It is through this connection that we as individuals can inspire others, so that our work is not finished when we receive our diplomas or finish a chapter in our lives, but rather, that the values institutions like Georgetown and scholarships like the Eidt inspire are those that prepare us for the future.

I have strived to have the same zest for life as I have learned of Kevin, to accomplish what might have seemed impossible five years ago, and to achieve goals that might have seemed unachievable. I aimed to truly get the most out of my Georgetown experience, and in graduating Magna Cum Laude, I earned my degree knowing I could stand here and make you all proud. I now work at Deloitte in the federal consulting practice and have established a life in DC, which is to the credit of the this scholarship, the selection committee, all benefactors and friends who believed in me and in turn served as a constant source of inspiration.

The gift of higher education has equipped me for a life committed to academics, the arts, community service, athletics, and religious commitment, and has enabled me to share that commitment with my community. I am truly grateful for carrying Kevin’s torch. Ensuring that his spirit lives on through my own is a responsibility and a journey that I committed to five years ago, and to which I continue to be committed today. His spirit lives on not only in my actions and decisions, but in the actions and decisions of the individual who will be granted this scholarship tonight, the individual granted it last year, five years ago and five years from now.

As for that run on the National Mall? I completed it for the first time this past year, and I swear Kevin was cheering me on. The emotions I felt the day I ran six miles along the monuments were overwhelming, but they cannot compare to the emotions I felt when Dr. Gioiella called me five years ago and when I stood before you on April 5, 2008 to accept this scholarship. Thank you for your faith in my ability to represent Kevin and your support through my journey. I am proud to be a part of Kevin’s Fund, a part of something bigger than I could have imagined – a part of something extraordinary. It is with utmost gratitude that I thank you.

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The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Alyxie Harrick, 2008 recipient of Kevin's Norwalk High scholarship, has joined the Scholarship Selection Committee beginning with the 2018 award. Alyxie is a 2012 graduate of Georgetown University, and currently a Senior Consultant, Corporate Strategy with Deloitte in New York City.

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Boston College CSOM Honors Program

Congratulations to Hannah Say, BC '18, the 2017 recipient of the $18,000 CSOM Honors Program Scholarship. She was recognized at the year end Honors Program Banquet at Boston College on April 27, 2017.

Kevin Eidt Emerging Leaders Award

Congratulations to Joan Kennedy BC '20, who was named the recipient of Kevin Eidt Memorial Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Scholarship at Boston College on April 11, 2017. ELP is one of the great programs for BC freshman and the Fund is honored to be associated with it's highest participant award.

2017 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Congratulations to Grace Bradley, the 2017 recipient of $100,000 Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship for the most outstanding senior at Norwalk High School. She was recognized at the annual Dinner Dance benefit held in Norwalk on Saturday April 8, 2017. Ava will be attending Furman University in the fall.

Grace Bradley

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